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The World Wine Trade Group (WWTG) is an informal group of government representatives with a mutual interest in facilitating the international trade in wine and avoiding the application of obstacles to international trade in wine.

The WWTG welcomes and encourages participation in the Group of any national governments or members of the World Trade Organization interested in furthering these goals.

The founding members of the WWTG are: Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United States. The Republic of Georgia acceded to the WWTG Agreements in 2010.

Guidelines for Participation in English and Spanish.

Visit the WWTG Industry Website for information about the wine industries in participating countries.

WWTG Government Contacts

2014 WWTG Viticulture Report

2013 WWTG Viticulture Report

2012 WWTG Viticulture Report

2011 WWTG Viticulture Report

World Wine Trade Group Agreements and Statements
Agreement on Mutual Acceptance of Oenological Practices
Agreement on Requirements for Wine Labelling
Memorandum of Understanding on Certification Requirements
Protocol to the 2007 World Wine Trade Group Agreement on Requirements for Wine Labeling concerning Alcohol Tolerance, Vintage, Variety, and Wine Regions
Tbilisi Statement on Analytical Methodology and Regulatory Limits on Constituents and Potential Contaminants in Wine
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