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Export Data 96-08
Archived Exports
Import Data 96-08
Archived Imports
U.S. Imports for Consumption
Top 25 Import Destinations by Industry
Appliances NAICS 3352

Food & Beverages
Food Manufacturing NAICS 311
Meat Products (except poultry) NAICS 311611
Animal Fats, Oils & by products NAICS 311613
Poultry, Prepared or Preserved NAICS 311615
Dairy Products NAICS 3115
Fruits & Vegetables, Preserved NAICS 311421
Grain & Oilseed Products NAICS 3112
Bread & Bakery Products NAICS 3112
Chocolate & Confectioneries NAICS 31132
Non chocolate Confectioneries NAICS 31134
Starch & Vegetable Fats & Oils NAICS 31122
All other food manufacturing NAICS 31199
Salted Snack Foods NAICS 31191
Snack Foods* *
Sugar & Confectionery Products NAICS 3113
Pasta  NAICS 311823
Dog and Cat Food NAICS 311111
Beverage Manufacturing NAICS 3121
Alcoholic Beverages NAICS 3121-14
Breweries NAICS 31212
Wineries NAICS 31213
Distilleries NAICS 31214
Soft Drinks NAICS 312111
Bottled Water NAICS 312112
Beer (value)(quantity)  
Wines (value)(quantity)  
Branded Spirits (value)(quanitity)  
Wine to WTTG (value)(quantity)  
Wine to EU (value)(quantity)  

Household and Office Furniture

Furniture and Related Product Manufacturing NAICS 337
Household and Institutional Furniture and Kitchen Cabinets NAICS 3371
Office Furniture NAICS 3372
Other Furniture-Related Manufacturing: mattress, blinds and shades NAICS 3379
Wood Kitchen Cabinet and Countertop Manufacturing NAICS 337110
Upholstered Household Furniture NAICS 337121
Metal Household Furniture NAICS 337124
Institutional Furniture NAICS 337127
Wood Television and Radio and Sewing Machine Cabinets NAICS 337129
Wood Office Furniture NAICS 337211
Office Furniture except Wood NAICS 337214
Showcase, Partitions, Shelving, and Locker Manufacturing NAICS 337215

PreciousMetal Jewelry NAICS 339911
CostumeJewelry and Novelties  NAICS 339914

Lawn and Garden
All Lawn and Garden NAICS 333112


Musical Instruments
Musical Instruments NAICS 339992


Dictionaries (Value)(Quantity) 4901.91.0020
Encyclopedias(Value)(Quantity) 4901.91.0040
Textbooks (Value)(Quantity) 4901.99.0010
Bibles etc. (Value)(Quantity) 4901.99.0040
Technical etc. (Value)(Quantity) 4901.99.0050
Art & Pictorial<$5 (Value)(Quantity) 4901.99.0060
Art & Pictorial>$5 (Value)(Quantity) 4901.99.0065
Hard Bound (Value)(Quantity) 4901.99.0070
Rack Size Paperbound (Value)(Quantity) 4901.99.0075
Printed Matter, <4 pg. (Value)(Quantity) 4901.99.0091
Printed Matter, 5-48 pg. (Value)(Quantity) 4901.99.0092
Printed Matter, >49 pg. (Value)(Quantity) 4901.99.0093

Recreational Equipment

NEI Sector- Recreational Transporation Recreational Transporation codes
Boats NAICS 336612
Marine Engines HS 8407.21 & 8407.29
Bicycle NAICS 3369911
Motorcycle NAICS 3369912
RVs NAICS 336213 & 336214
Misc Vehicles NAICS 336999


Toys, Games and Dolls
All Toys, Games and Dolls  NAICS 33993


*NESOI= not elsewhere classified

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