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Office of Materials Industries


Gary Stanley - Director OMI (Acting) Tel: 202-482-0376
Salim Bhabhrawala Tel: 202-482-1784
Kim Copperthite - Materials Team Leader (Acting) Tel: 202-482-5124 Brian Ledgerwood Tel: 202-482-3836
Joanne Littlefair Tel: 202-482-4855
John Meakem Tel: 202-482-4711
Raimundo Prat Tel: 202-482-0810
Robert Shaw Tel: 202-482-0606
Blandine Trouille Tel: 202-482-0129


OMI Contacts, by Commodity and Issue
  Abrasives Robert Shaw
  Adhesives and Sealants Raimundo Prat
  Agricultural Chemicals, and Fertilizers Blandine Trouille
  Aluminum Salim Bhabhrawala
  APEC Mining Task Force John Meakem
  Batteries Salim Bhabhrawala
  Building Materials Brian Ledgerwood
  Chemical Regulation - Korea, Taiwan John Meakem
  Chemical Regulation - Japan Blandine Trouille
  Chemical Rules of Origin Kim Copperthite
  Conflict Minerals Regulations Salim Bhabhrawala
  Converted Paper Products Joanne Littlefair
  Copper Salim Bhabhrawala
  Cosmetics & Toiletries Raimundo Prat
  Defense National Stockpile Salim Bhabhrawala
  Dyes and Pigments Raimundo Prat
  Electronic Waste/Scrap Recycling Blandine Trouille
  Explosives Kim Copperthite
  Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) Salim Bhabhrawala
  Global Design and Construction Brian Ledgerwood
  Green Building Initiative Brian Ledgerwood
  Green Chemistry Blandine Trouille
  Inorganic Chemicals Raimundo Prat
  International Study Groups: Copper, Lead and Zinc Salim Bhabhrawala
  ITAC 3 (Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals & Health/Science Services & Products) - Primary DFO John Meakem
  ITAC 7 (Forest Products) - Primary DFO Brian Ledgerwood
  ITAC 9 (Non Ferrous Metals and Building Products) - Primary DFO Salim Bhabhrawala
  ITAC 12 (Steel) - Primary DFO Robert Shaw
  Lead Salim Bhabhrawala
  Life Cycle Analysis Robert Shaw
  Lumber Brian Ledgerwood
  Magnesium Robert Shaw
  Materials Flow Analysis (MFA) Robert Shaw
  MDCP Grant US - China Build (Evergreen) Gary Stanley
  Miscellaneous Tariff Bills Kim Copperthite
  MOU - National Assn. of Home Builders Gary Stanley
  MOU - Plumbing Manufacturers Institute Gary Stanley
  Multilateral Environmental Agreements
     -- Basel Convention on the Transboundary Movement and Disposal of Hazardous Wastes Blandine Trouille
     -- Stockholm (PIC) and Rotterdam (POPs) Conventions Blandine Trouille
     -- SAICM Blandine Trouille
  Nanotechnology Raimundo Prat
  NEI Chemical Sector Kim Copperthite
  NEI Building Products Sector Brian Ledgerwood
  Nickel Salim Bhabhrawala
  Nonferrous Scrap Salim Bhabhrawala
      -- Chemicals Working Group Blandine Trouille
      -- Sustainable Development Blandine Trouille
      -- Working Group on Waste Prevention and Recycling Blandine Trouille
  Operation Monaco Working Group Part 2 Gary Stanley
  Organic Chemicals John Meakem
  Packaging Containers Joanne Littlefair
  Paints and Coatings Raimundo Prat
  Paper and Paperboard Joanne Littlefair
  Photographic/Cinemagraphic Goods Kim Copperthite
  Plastics and Resins Raimundo Prat
  Precious Metals Robert Shaw
  President's Initiative Against Illegal Logging Joanne Littlefair
     -- International Tropical Timber Organization Joanne Littlefair
     -- MOU on Illegal Logging US- Indonesia Joanne Littlefair
     -- MOU on Illegal Logging US-China Joanne Littlefair
     -- Lacey Act Joanne Littlefair
  Primary Pulp Joanne Littlefair
  Rare Earth Metals John Meakem
  Raw Materials Availability Salim Bhabhrawala
  Regulatory Affairs Joanne Littlefair
  Steel Robert Shaw
  Sustainable Manufacturing Initiative Joanne Littlefair
  Tin Robert Shaw
  Titanium Robert Shaw
  UNCSD / Corporate Social Responsibility John Meakem
  UN Environment Program - Mercury Blandine Trouille
  Wood Products Brian Ledgerwood
  WTO Chemicals Sectorial Kim Copperthite
  Zinc Salim Bhabhrawala



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