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Nuclear Energy Resources

Civil Nuclear Trade Advisory Committee (CINTAC):

The Department of Commerce established the Civil Nuclear Trade Advisory Committee (CINTAC) on September 17, 2008, to receive consensus advice from the private sector on trade issues facing the U.S. civil nuclear industry.”  For a list of members, click here.

Civil Nuclear Markets Information:

The following information is part of an ongoing effort to keep the civil nuclear industry apprised of the status of international markets and is a working overview of those countries interested in expanding or building a civil nuclear program. It is our intention to provide a quantitatively based perspective of those countries where there may be opportunities for commercial activity. In addition to this information, you may find it useful to explore the links to other resources listed below.

World Nuclear Markets:
Country General Indicators: Information on population and GDP that may indicate whether a country will or is able to pursue a civil nuclear program
Country Energy Overview: A view of energy consumption and production patterns.
Country Interest in Nuclear Power: A list of countries that currently have a nuclear program and those that have an expressed interest according to the International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA). It is widely recognized that before a country engages in developing a nuclear program it registers its intentions with the IAEA.
Nuclear Power Country Overview: A chart indicating the kinds of reactors currently in the world, their output, and those currently under construction.
Country Participation in Nuclear Agreements
: Many agreements, like the 123 Agreement, are required for U.S. firms to participate in international tenders. Others indicate the level of commitment by a country to the safe and secure transfer of civil nuclear energy technologies.
Country Membership in Nuclear Associations: A list of internationally recognized nuclear associations and their membership. Participation in associations may be an indicator of the strength of a country's commitment to the safe and secure development of their civil nuclear industry.

Other Resources:
World Nuclear Association Country Reports (listed under Public Information Service)
IAEA Country Profiles

Civil Nuclear Exporters Guide

This online guide is designed to help U.S. companies take part in the global nuclear renaissance by exporting their civil nuclear technology overseas. The guide covers the licensing process and provides contacts for the appropriate federal agencies. The Civil Nuclear Exporters Guide represents another achievement for the International Trade Administration's Civil Nuclear Trade Initiative, which was launched in late 2008.

Information Resources from October 2008 Nuclear Energy Summit

Policy, Regulatory, and Legislative Issues, R. William Borchardt, Executive Director for Operations, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
The Basis of a Long-Term Strategic Energy Plan, James Conca, Director, Carlsbad Environmental Monitoring and Research Center, New Mexico State University
Nuclear Energy... securing a bright future around the world... with US leadership and technology Lee Elder, Senior VP, GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy
Workforce Planning, Donna Jacobs, Senior VP, Entergy
Nuclear Energy Policy Issues, Jeff Merrifield, Shaw Group
Financing of Nuclear Power Plants, Paul Murphy, Senior Counsel, Bechtel Power Corporation
Growing the Nuclear Workforce, Scott Peterson, VP, Nuclear Energy Institute
Labor Force Issues, Stan Shoun, Central Virginia Community College
New Nuclear Development: Part of the Strategy for a Lower Carbon Energy Future, Joe Turnage, Constellation Energy

For more information on the nuclear sector, please contact Sarah Lopp or David Kincaid.

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