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For Immediate Release: February 22, 2010
Contact: Cory Churches  (202) 482-3809


ATLANTA – More than 60 Atlanta manufacturing firms and service providers learned how to apply sustainable business practices, enhance profitability through reduced energy costs, and work within their supply chains to become more efficient during today’s “SMART Companies Work Together” event.

“Our focus is on sustainable manufacturing and services and how concentrating on a supply chain can make a firm more competitive,” said Joel Secundy, deputy assistant secretary for services. “We can point to thousands of examples, both nationwide and internationally, of firms small, medium and large that reap substantial cost savings due to resource efficiency enhancements.”

Today’s Sustainable Manufacturing American Regional Tour (SMART), co-hosted by the International Trade Administration (ITA) and Georgia’s Department of Natural Resources, is part of ITA’s Sustainable Manufacturing Initiative. This initiative strives to teach firms how to apply sustainable business practices that yield many benefits such as enhanced profitability through reduced energy, materials, and water use; lower regulatory compliance costs; and enhanced company image. The tours demonstrate that utilizing sustainable practices can enhance U.S. companies’ competitiveness.

After a morning session featuring remarks from state and federal officials, and industry roundtable discussions, participants visited Caterpillar Logistics Services and INTERFACE, INC., two local companies who have adopted many of the sustainable business practices presented in the morning session.

SMART also highlights ITA’s Sustainable Business Clearinghouse, an online and user-friendly database of virtually all federal government programs and resources that assist businesses in their sustainability efforts whether their needs are tax incentives or technical assistance.

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