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Wednesday, March 05, 2003

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ITA Speakers' Series
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MCI Calling Cards
FY 03 Budget
FY 04 Budget
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The New ITA White Pages

The new ITA White Pages was announced on 2/24/03. If you have not visited the ITA White Pages Website, take a moment to read this article and follow the instructions to access your directory profile. ITA's Office of Organization and Management Support (OOMS) and the Office of the CIO have teamed to create an online directory of ITA employees, offices, and locations. In order to keep the information secure and non-public, this directory is part of the ITA intranet, OurPlace. The White Pages replaces the previous "ITA Directory" application, which has been taken out-of-service. Your White Pages profile page is yours to manage and update. Initially you can edit the following: Office, Job Title, Phone number, Room number, Fax number, Emergency Contacts.

ACTION ITEM: in order to ensure that your location information in the ITA White Pages is accurate, please review and update your profile. If you have not reviewed your information please do the following:
--Log on to OurPlace, you will need your intranet user name and password to securely enter ourplace
--Click on the button labeled "ITA White Pages," then on "My Profile"
--Review your profile
--If necessary, click on "Edit general info" to modify your profile, then click on "Submit record" to update your profile.
If you have any problems with this process, please contact the ITA Help Desk at (202)482-4641 or (202)482-1955, or by email mailto: OCIO.CustomerSupport@mail.doc.gov. If you have questions about the ITA White Pages program, contact Seth Raley of OOMS at (202)482-3756, or seth_raley@ita.doc.gov.

ITA Speakers' Series

The Speakers' Series invites in-house speakers to discuss current issues and their impact on the rest of ITA. The Series is designed to meet monthly and informally for an hour. Mark your calendar and join us on the following dates:

Date and Time: Tuesday, March 11, 2003 at 10:00
Location: Room 1412
Speaker: Derek Parks, E-Business Development Unit of the Commercial Service
Topic: How the Commercial Service is advancing e-business functions within ITA
Are US Government and e-business development mutually exclusive concepts? Not anymore. As worldwide web access and usage have expanded, so have our clients' demands that we provide more products and services on line. The Commercial Service has created the E-Business Development Unit (EDBU) to respond to these complex and growing technological needs. Many successful EBDU solutions are now used across ITA. These applications include: Buy USA, business-to-business matchmaking; Market Research Library; the website Template Management System; and our E-menu employee database. Come learn what the EBDU is doing to help expand and coordinate offerings to your clients on the web. For further information about the Speakers Series call Rosemary Pappas at (202)482-0482.

Headquarter Telephone Update

For any simple repairs to your phone please call 482-5010. If you wish to move a phone, activate a new user, change your phone's configuration, please email the request to TelephoneServices@ita.doc.gov. The Department requires that all such telephone moves, adds or changes be approved by the ITA's headquarters telephone contacts, before they are processed. In the next few months, the Department is planning to upgrade the Headquarters telephone system in two ways. When you call out, caller ID will show your phone number. Second, a system upgrade will set the system so that only phone numbers programmed to "ring" on your phone will cause a calling waiting "beep" when you're on the phone. If you have questions contact Judy Wilson at (202)482-3265 or Hamilton Humes at (202)482-6123.

MCI Calling Cards

The system for requesting and receiving MCI calling cards has been slightly revised. Please use the updated form on OurPlace, The form includes a specific place for supervisors' concurrence and a place to indicate your organization (e.g. ITA-MAC-EUR). Please submit the signed requests to Room 4001. Also, email TelephoneServices@ita.doc.gov immediately if you lose your calling card and your card will be replaced. If you have questions contact Hamilton Humes at (202)482-6123.

FY 2003 Budget

As part of the Omnibus Appropriations Act (P.L. 108-7), which was signed by the President on February 21, 2003, ITA received $362,192,000 in Budget Authority. Additionally, a 4.1% pay raise was authorized. Distribution of funding availability amounts for individual program units will be made to the Assistant Secretaries (and the Resource Coordinators) in the next few days. As soon as program offices receive their allotments they should develop fiscal plans indicating how the funds will be used throughout the fiscal year. If you have questions, please call Alan Zegas at (202)482-5739.

FY 2004 Budget

The Secretary will testify on the FY 2004 Budget request before the House Committee on March 6 and before the Senate Committee on March 20. ITA briefing papers have been included in the Secretary's briefing book. If you have questions contact Alan Zegas at (202)482-5739.

Traveler's Corner

Question: Can I be reimbursed for the administrative or connection fee charged by some hotels when using the government-issued MCI calling card for long distance calls while on official travel?

Answer: The administrative or connection fee charged by some hotels when using the government-issued MCI calling card is reimbursable and can be claimed on the travel voucher. If you have questions, please call your travel contact or Sharon Russell at (202)482-3267.

Where Do I Find.....FY 2004 ITA President's Budget

If you want to know where to find the website for the FY 2004 ITA President's Budget, go to http://www.ita.doc.gov/ofm_guidance/2004%20Presidents%20Budget.pdf If you have questions contact Alan Zegas at (202)482-5739.

ITA Comings and Goings 12/30/02 - 02/24/03

Arrivals - WELCOME!

US - Howard Levitas, Muhammad A. Saleh, Brian K. Taylor; ADMIN - Jennifer E. Ley, Adeeb Parkar; IA - Geoffrey W. Craig, Eugene Degnan, James Kemp, John LaRose, Kit L. Rudd, Joy Xianghuan Zhang; MAC - Ariadne Laura BenAissa, Martin Koran, Ryan Schroeder, Pierce E. Scranton, Robert D. Telchin; TD - Carrie B. Cabelka, Shelah A. Howze, Dawn N. Kawasaki, Dena A. Kram, Peter G. Sheridan JR, US&FCS - Noor Musawar Alam, Priscilla S. Block, Abby L. Freeman, Anthony E. Graves, Thomas Guirola, Stephanie G. Heckel, Moya A. McCaskill, Dennis R. McClure, Mona F. Musa, Naomi R. Robinson, David G. Royce.


US - Irma L. Lowery; ADMIN - Jean Q. Cheeks, Jean D. Leslie, Elizabeth H. Proctor; IA - Wendy L. Ebron, Marlene E. Hewitt; MAC - Daniel E. Gardner, Heather A. Grell, Diana K. Smith; TD - Brooks D. Altshuler, Elizabeth R. Hance; USFCS - Roger L. Fortner, Margaret A. Kelleher, Linda Peterson, Sasha S. Petrov, Sondra J. Robbins, Waltrud H. Sellschopp, Stephanie Shintani, Martha L. Smith, Geraldine J. Whitley, Grace Wiggins Schauer.


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